The Dust

by Orpha

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released July 23, 2013

mixed and mastered by Gustav Brunn.
cover by Roman Chekalyuk:



all rights reserved


Orpha Kiev, Ukraine

Orpha is a hardcore band from Kyiv, Ukraine. The band was formed in 2010.

Dima - vocals
Dima - guitar
Sviat - guitar
Vova - bass
Anton - drums

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Track Name: Cold Ocean
I have set my heart on fire.
This cold air burns my lungs.
How are you?
How are you, darling?
I am so lonely now.

I am drowning in this cold ocean `cause I am stone.
I am loveless; I feel the fear deep inside my bones.

You feel my heart, goodbye my darling.
You feel my love, goodbye my lover.

The frozen waves - you are my water.
My last breath - I am drowned in ocean.
Track Name: The Last Fall
The nights, all these dark nights disturb.
This fall is my last fall.

Homeless, young and depressed.
I am going to anywhere.
Weak soul, lost home
but I believe I will forget that pain.

I will forget that pain, that pain I used to feel.
This fall will end. This is the last.

I am running, I won`t forget
my mother`s eyes, my father`s hands.
The dim shining, the grief of my past
I`ve left behind; I forgave all betrayals.

I forgave all betrayals, I don`t regret.
This fall will end. This is the last.

Dark nights disturb my soul;
the stars, the seas, the home.
I am crashed, I`ve lost them all.
But this fall is my last fall.
Track Name: The Shadows
The shadows of people whom I love
that`s all I`ve got, that`s all I`ve deserved.
I`m broken. The darkness is inside.
Unspoken truth and spoken lies.

I remember those days we were young.
Those feelings will be always in my heart.
Will be always in my heart!

This Dead City brings the sorrow to my empty eyes.
This dead light I follow won`t heat, won`t shine.

The sorrow and the shadows are what I`ve got -
this Dead City smiles.
Track Name: Humiliated and Insulted
When friends leave
you don`t shine at all.
In your world.
There is only infinity
that breaks you, breaks you.

When someone dies
all you have that are memories.
You are cold.
There is only eternity
that breaks you, that breaks...

The wind howls...
I`ve lost everything and everyone.
The fog corrodes...
sometimes it`s hard to say "I love you".

I am just a shadow in this Dead City.
I am the dust in your glass eyes;
but I`m still breathing.
Track Name: EHC
Who owns your smile? Who owns your heart?
Hear me now! Hear me now!
I will fall apart. I will drown in your eyes.
I will, I will fall. I want fall asleep for weeks, I want.

These empty worlds forgot our names.
These empty worlds are mine and yours.

And everything has changed, and everything went wrong.
Feel my heart. I beg you, I beg you.
Who holds you now? Whose dreams you share?
And everything has changed, and everything went wrong,
but I still, I still...

I want to hold the kids of us.
I want you to be my beautiful bride.
I want to live all my life
with you and by your side.
And everything we left behind
has already gone.
And everything I am trying to save
has already died.
Track Name: Bluebird
I am the broken boy, I spit my grief out.
You are my bluebird. Where did you fly?
I will protect you. You can take my heart,
you can take it and then just throw it away.

Let me be the sunrise not no one in your eyes.
Let me feel your warm arms, let me be the part of your life.

You can throw stones at me, you can hide your eyes.
But I can`t fall asleep, I can`t count the stars.
The dreams you shared with me have just fell apart.
I have nothing to forget, the darkness carves inside.

Your voice is the knife that cuts my heart.
Where did you fly? Where did you fly, my dear?
This rain will wash the lies, this rain will wash the scars.
It will turn me to mud and you will walk on it.